Arete Advice Jesper Engstrand – business development, sales support, project management

Business development

Are your company looking to investigate what options you have to expand or improve your existing business, then we might be able to assist you with that. We are primarily used to work with business development project that are based on developing an asset, but also product development and tailoring sales models to attract as much attention to your product or services as possible. In this field we also cooperate with an UK based Investor Advisor and have good contacts within the field of IP rights to assist your company.

Sales support – analysis, strategy, coaching etc

The field of Sales support for Arete is broad and covers the more hands on aspect of the Company’s Business Development ambition, i.e. to implement the strategy and “walk-the-talk”. We try to support rather than Front and are using our experience from business development as well as complex sales. Sales support can also mean to assist in producing business plan, sales coaching and review of existing strategies etc.

Project management

To get the work done in time and within budget and to make sure that all stakeholders are informed on a relevant basis and frequency, that is some of the more important tasks for a Project Management assignment. We normally assist in projects owned by the company’s market department, often it involves construction of infrastructure or developing other types of assets but can also be to manage the implantation of a market project like for instance a customer segmentation project. Project management is a natural and integrated part of Business Development and Sales support.

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