Arete Advice, Jesper Engstrand

Jesper Engstrand
CEO & Founder

+46 (0)709 749 659
Visits: Göteborgsvägen 3, Lerum
Post: Göteborgsvägen 3, SE-443 30 Lerum

Arete position

Arete AB is a consultancy firm that moves between the business consultants and the technical consultants. With 20 years of experience within the field of business development, project management and sales, we have extensive experience and networks mainly within energy, infrastructure and cleantech industry. Arete AB cooperate with a UK based investment advisor by which we can assist your company in fund raising. Arete AB has good contacts with advisors in the field of IP rights which also allows that we can facilitate investigations in this field.

Consultant profile 

Typical assignment for Arete is to assist with the different phases of a business development project; everything from market analysis, setting the sales activities and to assist during the implementation. Often, we are involved early in the process and assist setting the market strategy, target groups and assist quantifying the different stages of the value chain. It’s you who decides what you want to hire us to do, although we have the ambition to come with advice how to make the most out of your investment in us.